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Scientific Name : Pterostylis nutans
Common Name : Nodding greenhood
Height : 200 mm
Description : This is an easily recognisable orchid, often growing in dense colonies. There is a rosette of 3 to 6 , bright green, Ovate leaves with crisped margins, up to 80 mm long. The flower stem has 2 to 3 small stem-clasping leaves and a large paler Bract immediately below the flower, its point protruding behind the flower. The solitary flower nods forward sharply (more than 90 degrees), giving rise to the name 'Nodding greenhood'. The flower colour is pale green, with an orange tint on the tip of the Galea. The Dorsal Sepal and lateral Petals, 25mm long, together form a deep hood over the flower, the tip of which is extended downwards in a distinct point. The lateral Sepals are joined for half their length, then diverge at a narrow angle, protruding on either side of the point of the Galea. The Labellum is 15mm long, slender, curving down through the angle between the lateral Sepals.
Habitat : Open forests.
Distribution : Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania. Widespread and common in Victoria, except for the North-West. Scattered through the Fosters Gully section of the Park.
Flowering Season : July August September October
Family : Orchidaceae
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Nodding greenhood flowering plant colony beside ascent to Stringybark Ridge

Nodding greenhood flowering plant colony beside ascent to Stringybark Ridge
September 2nd 1990

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