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Scientific Name : Thelymitra ixioides
Common Name : Dotted sun-orchid
Height : 400 mm
Description : Sun orchids have all six Perianth segments similar in size, shape and colour, with the Labellum not markedly different from the other Petals. There is a single robust, channelled leaf at the base of the stem, up to 300mm long, The stem has several large sheathing Cauline leaves. Each stem bears a soike of 2 to 20 flowers, each about 20 to 30mm across. Perianth segments are usually light blue, with darker blue spots on the Dorsal Sepal and lateral Petals. The Column is blue, with a dark blue collar and a yellow Glandular top, with three distinct lobes. The centre lobe is erect and short, covered with short yellow Calli, The side lobes aredrawn out as two arms, each with a tuft of whitish hairs at the tip.
Habitat : Heaths and open forest,
Distribution : Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania. Widespread and common in Victoria, except for the North-West. Uncommon in the Park where known only from two locations on Stringybark Ridge.
Flowering Season : Unknown
Family : Orchidaceae
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Dotted sun-orchid flower on Stringybark Ridge
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Dotted sun-orchid flowering plant on Stringybark Ridge

Dotted sun-orchid flower on Stringybark Ridge
October 19th 1999

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