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Scientific Name : Pterostylis pedunculata
Common Name : Maroon-hood
Height : 250 mm
Description : This is one greenhood that is not just green. The Galea and lateral Sepals are greenish below, becoming a deep reddish-brown towards the tip. There are 3 to 6 leaves in a rosette appressed to the ground. They are Ovate, blunt, 60mm long, dark green with wavy margins. The stem has several small stem-clasping Cauline leaves. The Dorsal Sepal and lateral Petals combine to form the Galea, 20mm long, which is upright, bulbous at the base, then turned sharply forward to a short horizontal point. The lateral Sepals are joined for half their length, then diverge at a narrow angle to form slender points on either side of the Galea. The Labellum is Ovate 5 mm long, just visible through the angle between the lateral Sepals.
Habitat : Wet Schlerophyll forests and wetter open forests.
Distribution : New South Wales to South Australia and Tasmania. Widespread and common in Southern Victoria. Common in wetter places through Fosters Gully and on Stringbark Ridge and Silvertop Hill.
Flowering Season : July August September October
Family : Orchidaceae
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Maroonhood flowering plants in Fosters Gully
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Maroonhood flower near Tebb Terrace entrance
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Maroonhood flowering colony near Tebb Terrace entrance

Maroonhood flowering plants in Fosters Gully
September 2nd 1990

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