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Scientific Name : Pterostylis grandiflora
Common Name : Cobra greenhood
Height : 400 mm
Description : A beautiful but very uncommon orchid, only found once in the Park. Leaves are confined to non-flowering plants and are usually a rosette of 3 to 8 leaves, Ovate, with wavy margins, up to 40mm long. The flowering stem is slender, with 4 to 8 Lanceolate Cauline leaves. The solitary flower is upright at the top of the stem. The Dorsal Sepal and the lateral Petals together form the Galea, which is initially erect, but curves strongly forward to be almost sickle-shaped. The Dorsal Sepal ends in a short slender point, protruding beyond the Petals. The lateral Petals form distinct ledges on either side of the Dorsal Sepal and are often tinged with orange. The lateral Sepals are joined initially, then spread widely and turn upwards to form two long slender points, 50mm long, high above either side of the Galea. The Labellum is narrow and Lanceolate, mostly concealed, the tip curves forward protruding between the lateral Sepals.
Habitat : In shade in open forests.
Distribution : Queensland to Victoria and Tasmania. Rare in Victoria, where it is confined to the South-East, mainly near the coast. Recorded and photographed once in the Park in August 1986 near the start of the Stringybark Ridge track, but not seen since.
Flowering Season : July and August
Family : Orchidaceae
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Old cobra greenhood flower on Stringybark Ridge

Old cobra greenhood flower on Stringybark Ridge
August 10th 1986

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