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Scientific Name : Pterostylis alpina
Common Name : Mountain greenhood
Height : 300 mm
Description : Like most greenhoods, this orchid is entirely green. A single stout flower stem arises from three to five basal leaves. These leaves are ovate, up to 60mm by 30mm, upright and ascending the stem. Ther are also 3 to 5 Cauline leaves, decreasing in size up the stem. There is a solitary flower, upright at the top of the stem. The flower is 30mm long, white, with dark green stripes. The Dorsal Sepal and the lateral Petals together a form the Galea, upright behind and either side of the Column and hooked foward above it. The lateral Sepals are joined for the first third, which is upright in front of the Labellum and Column. They then diverge very widely and bend back to almost horizontal tapering to slender points on either side of the Galea. The Labellum is dark green, Lanceolate, almost concealed, but its tip curls forward through the notch between the lateral Sepals.
Habitat : In damp shaded places in open and closed forests.
Distribution : New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. In Victoria, widespread in mountainous regions in the South of the state. Common in Fosters Gully and in suitable habitat on Stringybark Ridge and Silvertop Hill.
Flowering Season : September and October
Family : Orchidaceae
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Mountain greenhood flower in Fosters Gully

Mountain greenhood flower in Fosters Gully
September 24th 1989

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