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Scientific Name : Omphalotus nidiformis
Common Name : Ghost fungus
Description : This is an unusual fungus, in that it is luminous making it easily visible at night. The second photograph was taken by the light given off by the fungus, using a 90 minute exposure on 400 asa film at an aperture of f3.5. The caps are up to 200 mm wide, often funnel shaped, with the stem off-centre or at the edge. The colour is variable cream to pale brown, often with grey and light brown areas. The stem is fairly thick, up to 100 mm long. The gills are Decurrent, extending well down the stem. Spores are white. Although this species is closely related to the edible Pleurotus ostreatus, the Oyster Mushroom, the Ghost Fungus should not be eaten as it is poisonous, with a strongly emetic effect.
Habitat : At the base of living or dead eucalyptus trees, usually growing as a dense cluster.
Distribution : All Australian states. Not common in the Park, but recorded from both Fosters Gully and along Billys Creek.
Family : Tricholomataceae
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Cluster of ghost fungus fruiting bodies at the base of a tree stump
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Ghost fungus fruiting body (gills), photographed by its own light

Cluster of ghost fungus fruiting bodies at the base of a tree stump
April 7th 1985

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