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Scientific Name : Menura novaehollandiae
Common Name : Superb lyrebird
Description : A large long-tailed bird, to 950mm. Upper parts are dark grey-brown, with under parts pale grey-brown. The most conspicuous feature is the tail. The female has a long slender dark grey-brown tail. The male has one of the most ornate and complex tails of all birds. The central tail feathers are filamentous, black on the upper side, but silver on the under surface. The outer tail feathers are curved in a lyre shape, brown, with rufous notches along the inner margin. The tail is brought forward over the back and shimmered in display. Lyrebirds are predominately ground birds. The male maintains a mound on which he displays. The male has a powerful song, which includes mimicry of other birds.
Habitat : Wet Schlerophyll forest and rain forest.
Distribution : East coast of Australia from south-east Queensland to eastern Victoria and introduced into Tasmania. In Victoria, throughout the eastern half. Common in the Park, especially along Fosters Gully.
Family : Menuridae
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Male superb lyrebird in full display in Fosters Gully near Lyndons Clearing
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Female superb lyrebird crossing Fosters Gully Track
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Male Superb Lyrebird in Fosters Gully
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Male Superb Lyrebird in Fosters Gully