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Scientific Name : Litoria ewingii
Common Name : Brown tree frog
Description : A small frog of up to 35mm. Colour is mainly pale fawn or brown, with a darker patch on the back starting from a line between the eyes and extending the length of the back. There is a dark stripe from the nostril to the eye, becoming a broader stripe behind the eye and across the tympanum, fading out on the flanks. The fingers and toes have sucker discs at their tips, slightly broader than the digits. The call is a high-pitched pulsing call, with the first note longest, repeated 5 to 20 times,
Habitat : Found in a variety of habitats, from swamps and lagoons to wet and dry schlerophyll forests. Often encountered in towns and gardens, where it may climb windows of houses at night.
Distribution : Tasmania, Southern Victoria, and the South-East of South Australia and New South Wales. Probably widespread in the park, especially along Billy Creek.
Family : Hylidae
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Brown tree frog, on the bank of Billys Creek, by the Weir Track.
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Brown Tree Frog by the Weir Track
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Brown Tree Frog by the Weir Track

Brown Tree Frog by the Weir Track
February 17th 2008

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