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Scientific Name : Chiloglottis cornuta
Common Name : Green bird-orchid
Height : 40 mm
Description : This orchid bears its flowers very close to the ground, but the stem elongates in the fruiting stage. There are two leaves at the base, Ovate, bright green, 30mm by 10mm.The flower is solitary on the stem and opens upwards. The name bird-orchid relates to the open flowers resembling baby birds in a nest with open beaks waiting to be fed. The perianth segments are pale green, 20mm long. The Dorsal Sepal is broad and forms a partial hood over the Column. The lateral Sepals taper to slender points and are directed down and forwards. The lateral Petals are broader and spread widely. The Labellum is Ovate, tapering to a point. The Labellum is covered with blackish, Sessile, rounded Calli. Distinguished from Chiloglottis valida by the lack of a tall stalked Callus at the base of the Labellum.
Habitat : Closed forests, often in deep shade on damp soils.
Distribution : New South Wales to South Australia and Tasmania. In Victoria, mainly in mountainous areas in the East of the state. Very uncommon in the Park, where it is recorded from a single site on Stringybark Ridge.
Flowering Season : November and December
Family : Orchidaceae
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Green bird-orchid flower on Stringybark Ridge