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Scientific Name : Calochilus robertsonii
Common Name : Purplish beard-orchid
Height : 400 mm
Description : This orchid is aptly named beard-orchid, as its Labellum is densely covered with long purplish hairs. There is a single, channelled, leaf at the base of the stem, which may be up to 300mm long. The stem bears 2 to 9 flowers. The Sepals are greenish, up to 25mm long. The lateral Sepals are pointed and angled downwards. The Dorsal Sepal is broader and forms a hood over the Column. The lateral Petals are much shorter, only 10mm long, with reddish stripes. The Labellum is large and conspicuous. It is covered all over with hairs, which begin as bead-like Calli at the top , becoming longer towards the tip. The tip is extended into a slender strap, but this is still covere with hairs. The Column is broad, green in colour and has two conspicuous red Glands on either side of its base.
Habitat : Open forests and woodlands on dry slopes and ridges.
Distribution : Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania. Widespread in Victoria, except for the North-West. Recorded at two locations in the Park, one on Stringybark Ridge and the other on Silvertop Hill, near Brewsters Road.
Flowering Season : October and November
Family : Orchidaceae
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Purplish beard-orchid flower on Stringybark Ridge

Purplish beard-orchid flower on Stringybark Ridge
November 25th 1989

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