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Scientific Name : Calochilus paludosus
Common Name : Red beard-orchid
Height : 300 mm
Description : This orchid is aptly named beard-orchid, because the Labellum is densely covered with long reddish hairs with the appearance of a beard. There is a single leaf at the base of the stem, which is channelled, and up to 180mm long. There are 2 to 9 flowers on a stem. The Sepals are greenish, broad and about 15mm long. The Dorsal Sepal forms a hood over the column. The lateral Petals are smaller, 10mm long with reddish streaks. The Labellum is conspicuous and large. It is up to 30mm long, covered with short Calli at the top, but the centre is covered with long reddish hairs. The Labellum is extended beyond the bearded portion as a strap-like appendage with no hairs. The column is broad, but lacks the conspicuous Glands at its base which distinguish Calochilus robertsonii.
Habitat : Heaths and open forests, often in moist sandy soils near swamps.
Distribution : Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania. Widespread but not very common, in Victoria, except for the North-West. Known from one locality on the Stringybark Ridge track.
Flowering Season : October and November
Family : Orchidaceae
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Red beard-orchid flower on Stringybark Ridge

Red beard-orchid flower on Stringybark Ridge
November 23rd 1991

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