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Scientific Name : Caesia parviflora
Common Name : Pale grass-lily
Height : 600 mm
Description : This is a delicate little lily, easily overlooked among grasses, as flowers are often few and only open for a short time. The plant may be a tuft of multiple slender, Linear, leaves up to 400mm long. There may be multiple flower stems, but there is often only a single stem. The flower stem is mostly a single spike, but may have a few erect branches. Flowers are in the Axils of small Bracts and only a few are open at a time. The Tepals are white or very pale blue, 6mm long. There are 6 Stamens shorter than the Tepals. When the flower is over, the Tepals twist together in a tight spiral. The fruit is a capsule which is markedly three lobed.
Habitat : In native grasslands and among grasses in open forest.
Distribution : Queensland to Victoria and Tasmania. Widespread in Southern Victoria, but missing from the North-West. Occasional on hillsides on both sides of Fosters Gully, especially along the Western Boundary of the Park.
Flowering Season : November and December
Family : Liliaceae
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Pale grass-lily plant in flower beside West Boundary Track

Pale grass-lily plant in flower beside West Boundary Track
December 6th 1991

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